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Are you interested in a job that requires you to sell or serve alcohol, like bartending or working in a restaurant?

Professional Server Certification Corporation (PSCC) provides alcohol seller and server certification courses online for bartenders, waiters, waitresses, and servers. Many states have specific requirements and regulations for alcohol seller and server certification. PSCC's online Responsible Serving® of Alcohol courses are approved or recommended in almost every state. In many cases, even if your state does not require you to be certified, your employer may require you to be trained. It also may help you to find a job by taking the course and getting your training certificate.

Many employers are requiring all of their employees to be trained in responsible alcohol service because of the benefits that can be realized, which can include lower liquor liability insurance rates, possibly reduced fines or punishment in the case of a violation, and the reduced likelihood of lawsuits or other legal complications. 

To choose your state's course, simply click here and choose your state on the map. Most states have specific requirements for alcohol sellers, servers, or bartenders, so make sure you choose the correct course for your state. 

3 easy steps to get your State's Seller / Server Permit (server certification):
1.Order your State's "Responsible Serving® Course"Enroll Now
2.Take the course online at your leisure
3.Print your official certificate online instantly

No waiting for snail mail to arrive!  But we can send your certificate by mail if you request it.

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